2017 Ghillie brogues & socks

All members:

The form below is to allow you to register interest in being a part of a group purchase of Ghillie Brogues and band socks.  Band members need to pay for these items themselves, but by purchasing in bulk online we should be able to make considerable savings.  This is not a commitment to purchase yet, it is just a way for us to generate a list to obtain quotes from overseas.  Confirmation will come after this step.  The supplier we’re likely to use is Highland House in Pakistan (http://highlandhouse.pk/)

All fields in the form below except name and email are optional.  So you can indicate if you want shoes, socks or both.


  • Sizes are to be based on the British shoe size system
  • Please indicate mens, ladies or kids sizes as they differ
  • Please add 0.5 to 1 size to your normal shoe size to allow for the thick socks we wear
  • For kids consider 1 to 1.5 sizes to allow room to grow!

Shoes available for sale now.

There are two second hand pairs available in men’s sizes 7 and 8 with a band member now so if this suits anyone please let Peter or Ian know.


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