(Tentative) Diamond Creek CFA Torchlight 75th Anniversary March

The Diamond Creek Fire Brigade has invited the Ringwood Highland Pipe Band to participate in its 75th Anniversary Torchlight March. Diamond Creek CFA is a fully volunteer brigade providing 24/7 coverage for both urban fire and rescue as well as bushfire response for Diamond Creek and the surrounding districts.

Marshaling from approximately 6PM, with dinner provided by the Salvation Army, which we are invited to join if we wish.

Date: 10 Sep 2016 (Sat) Start Play: 7:00 PM
Band Arrival Time: 5:30 PM
Estimate Finish: 8:30 PM
Band Meeting Point: To Be Advised Transport: Own
Band Size: TBA
Status: Tentative
Venue: Diamond Creek
Website: Diamond Creek CFA

This is a competition march for which there are generally 12 – 15 brigades participating. There is likely to be an increase numbers this year, give our 75th. The torchlight is the culmination of the Diamond Creek Town Fair on the day, run by Rotary.

The route is downhill from St. Johns Anglican Church to either the traditional finish on the Diamond Creek oval prior to the fireworks display, a distance of approx. 800m (300m downhill and 500 m flat ground), or potentially a finish outside of the fire station. The latter is a further 300 – 400 m of flat ground, and crossing over rail tracks. Discussions are underway with the Police, Rotary and Metro to determine the feasibility of this latter route, given the rail aspect. At the completion of the march, we’ve been invited to join the brigade back at the station for supper, refreshments and the march awards ceremony.

The procession consists of the 12-15 brigades (hopefully more this year), in both senior and junior divisions. The brigades are interspersed with fire appliances as well as pipe bands and brass bands spaced to provide a reliable competition stride, whilst minimising music bleed from other bands.